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AlignLife’s A2G™ Weight Loss System is based on three components that have never before been combined into one simple weight loss program. This weight loss technology provides not only fast and easy weight loss but long term results without daily cravings.

Expensive Boxed Foods? No

Confusing Point System? No

Starvation Diet System? No

The A2G™ System teaches you the secrets of portion control without cravings, fat loss without muscle loss and quick results without the immediate gain of the weight lost. The A2G™ System incorporates an Alkaline Diet, Allergy Elimination and Glycemic Index. Each of these programs stands on its own in regards to effective weight loss systems however combining all three systems into one program, the A2G™ System, creates a three-hundred percent increase in results and the speed of weight loss.

The creator of the A2G™ System, Dr. Joseph Esposito, has been an icon in the weight loss industry for almost twenty years. Starting

in the bodybuilding arena, Dr. Esposito helped many people drop body fat percentage to as low as 3-5% to enter into competitive fitness competitions. He expanded his management of weight loss working with morbidly obese individuals who weighed between 300-500lbs. with excellent results. Whether you have to lose 20lbs or 200lbs, AlignLife has the programs necessary to help you reached your goals.

For the ultimate results, it is best to embrace the complete AlignLife Five Star System™. Using the complete system, you are most likely to receive enhanced health and the greatest weight loss results.

AlignLife provides the comfort of either a complimentary phone consultation or complimentary in-office consultation to provide you direction to your weight loss goals. The in-office consultation is free with the purchase of $50 or more of nutritional supplementation.

Call AlignLife today or fill out the form below and an AlignLife representative will contact you in the next 48 hours. Results may vary for each individual.

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